Bike Handlebar Bags

Bike handlebar bags are one of those accessories that can be the perfect addition to any bike commuter or bike tourists collection.

Handlebar bags are also great for mountain bikers going out on the trails for a day, needing to carry some snacks, water bottles, an extra coat, or some bike tools.

handmade bike handlebar bag
Bike Handlebar Bag being used on the MTB trails.

Over at, they’re carrying some of our favorite handlebar bags out there, and there are not a lot of places you can find these specialty bags.  When looking for handlebar bags, we’re typically looking for a few key components:

  • How the bag is attaching to your handlebars
  • The size of the bag — depending on your needs
  • The level of waterproofing or water resistance of the bag
  • and of course, the style!

Typically, we prefer a bag that is attaching at at least 3 points — usually 2 on the handlebars and one on the stem so that the bag doesn’t swing.  That can depend bag to bag, but that’s a good thing to look out for.

The attachment type can be important as well.  Is it easy to take on and off?  Is velcro being used to attach the bike bag to your bike handlebars, or is it something more complex like a metal or plastic system that you may need to install more permanently?

Here are a few of the ones that we’ve found will work really well for you:


waterproof handlebar bag
Ellum Bag Works Handlebar Bag


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Road Runner Bags Bike Handlebar Bag
bike handle bar bag
Road Bike Handlebar Bag
bike commuter handlebar bag
Bike Commuter Handlebar Bag

best bike handlebar bags

These are some of our favorite handle bar bags.  Definitely check them out at and let us know what you think!

These handlebar bags will give you easy access to the items you need most frequently and easily during a ride.  Get. On. It!


The RBA Team