Bike Handlebar Bags

Bike handlebar bags are one of those accessories that can be the perfect addition to any bike commuter or bike tourists collection.

Handlebar bags are also great for mountain bikers going out on the trails for a day, needing to carry some snacks, water bottles, an extra coat, or some bike tools.

handmade bike handlebar bag
Bike Handlebar Bag being used on the MTB trails.

Over at, they’re carrying some of our favorite handlebar bags out there, and there are not a lot of places you can find these specialty bags.  When looking for handlebar bags, we’re typically looking for a few key components:

  • How the bag is attaching to your handlebars
  • The size of the bag — depending on your needs
  • The level of waterproofing or water resistance of the bag
  • and of course, the style!

Typically, we prefer a bag that is attaching at at least 3 points — usually 2 on the handlebars and one on the stem so that the bag doesn’t swing.  That can depend bag to bag, but that’s a good thing to look out for.

The attachment type can be important as well.  Is it easy to take on and off?  Is velcro being used to attach the bike bag to your bike handlebars, or is it something more complex like a metal or plastic system that you may need to install more permanently?

Here are a few of the ones that we’ve found will work really well for you:


waterproof handlebar bag
Ellum Bag Works Handlebar Bag


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Road Runner Bags Bike Handlebar Bag
bike handle bar bag
Road Bike Handlebar Bag
bike commuter handlebar bag
Bike Commuter Handlebar Bag

best bike handlebar bags

These are some of our favorite handle bar bags.  Definitely check them out at and let us know what you think!

These handlebar bags will give you easy access to the items you need most frequently and easily during a ride.  Get. On. It!


The RBA Team


Bike To Work Month 2015

Bike To Work Month 2015

It’s pretty awesome to bike to work.  In fact, cycling to work is growing across the United States and the world, and cities are finally starting to learn that investing in cycling infrastructure is worth the time, effort, and money.  Even cities as busy as New York City are starting to get the point and pony up to build protect bike lanes, paint sharrows, get bike share programs, and more to encourage people to bike in the city.

Bike To Work Month 2015

There are many reasons to bike to work.  Just ask the League of American Bicyclists.  They’re all about bike month…or so I hear.  These are a few of the reasons we came up with to bike to work on bike to work day, week, month, and all year!

You may even be inspired to bike as much as this guy.

  • It’s good for your health
  • Keeps you in shape!
  • It’s fun -> skip the traffic!
  • It’s fast
  • Most trips are less than 2 miles from your house
  • It’s good for the environment
  • It’s an excuse to buy cool stuff for your bike!
  • It’s a social activity
  • You get some fresh air and vitamin D

Originally I’m from New York, but the last 2 years I’ve been in San Francisco, and in weather like this and in a city so accessible, there is no excuse!  You can get anywhere in the city by bike in 30 minutes, you don’t need a change of clothes, and you don’t need to sit on the MUNI or BART.  It’s awesome.

Let us know: why do you bike to work?  Or why are you thinking about it?

There are a lot of great reasons, so just pick one and go for it!


The RBA Team!

Road Runner Hip Bag

Cycling Accessory Pouches & Hip Bags

Every cyclist needs to carry a few accessories with them on a ride.  These road bike accessories can include anything from a wallet and cell phone, to your extra bike tubes, chain oil, tire levers and more.  The question is how do you carry this?  You can choose to carry a hip bag, a cell phone pouch, saddle bag, handlebar bag or more.  Today we’re focusing on the belt bags and strap pouches.  There are a few answers:

  • Cycling Accessory Pouches are one way to do this, which are often named one of the following:
    • Cycling Hip Pouch
    • Bike Hip Bag
    • Cycling Fanny Pack
    • Bike Hip Bag

These accessory pouches are used as you can probably tell on your waist.   You can carry these bags on your belt, and are often sold with a belt as a part of the bag itself.  These are convenient because they are kept right by your side, and are easy to open and close with one hand.

This is one of our favorite packs from Road Runner Bags.  Road Runner Bags is a small company that hand makes bags in Los Angeles, California.  This is a waterproof waist pack with a U-lock holster:

Cycling Hip Pouch / Accessory PackAnother example of an accessory pack for cyclists would be the cell phone pouch, or messenger bag cell phone holder.  These types of bags are made by companies like Chrome, Timbuk2, Road Runner Bags, Mer Bags, and Missions Workshop.

You want to look for bags that are waterproof, and constructed well.  Here at RBA we like to look for locally made or USA made bike gear, and there is a good list here of many awesome brands in The States:

Hope you’ve found this article helpful, and we’ll have a new one coming soon on some great new cycling gear!


The RBA Team

Road Cycling Accessories

Welcome to Road Bike Accessories

It’s awesome that you have arrived here!  At this blog we’ll be looking for the best road bike accessories that you can find online.  Cycling is an activity that can be done as sport or for fun, for transportation or for travel, and we love to bike and support the biking community in all of these ways.  This blog was spurred out of a passion for bikes and cycle commuting in particular.

Here are some of the types of accessories for bikes we’ll be looking at here at

  • Bike Saddle Bags
  • Handlebar Bags
  • Bicycle Panniers
  • Bike Lights
  • Bike Racks
  • Bike Saddles and more

partsHope to see you back here for the next post!