Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag by Road Runner Bags

This is kind of a cool bag.  It’s not your regular old burrito bag, but a Burrito Supreme.

Top features of this bike handlebar bag:

  • Won’t Swing – 3 contact points means this bag won’t swing
  • Keeps it’s shape – hard plastic liner means this bag will keep it’s shape ad is easy to load and unload
  • Waterproof YKK Zipper – waterproof bag with an awesome waterproof zipper feature
  • Double the size – Double the size of the regular burrito bag, so you can fit more!

Here are a few photos for inspiration:

best bike handlebar bag road cycling handlebar bag bike commuter handlebar bag waterproof handlebar bag handmade bike handlebar bag handle bar bag

Let us know what you think of this awesome bag in the comments!


The RBA Team

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