Bicycle Touring Checklist

Find the best bike accessories and gear for bicycle touring!
The complete guide to bicycle touring.

Interested in bike touring? Checkout this great bicycle touring checklist from Bicycle Touring Pro.  This is a super comprehensive list, you’ll find everything from the bike accessories you’ll need mounted to your bike, camping gear, clothes, food and more!

Who knew how much you needed to prepare for a bike touring trip?  Have you ever taken a bike touring trip before?  If so, where did you go / how long was it? I’m very interested in preparing for a bicycle touring trip myself, would love to take one across the United States.

Here’s just the start of the list, all of the bike accessories, which we thought was pretty relevant 🙂


  • Front +/– Rear Rack & Panniers —and/or — Trailer
  • Handlebar Bag (+ mounting bracket)
  • Rain Covers and/or Plastic Bags (for non-waterproof panniers)
  • Trunk (Rack) Bag or PVC Dry Bag* (for rainy tours)
  • Seat bag / Frame Bag (good for storing tire repair kit)
  • Comfortable Saddle (personal choice—not racing seat!)
  • Handlebar Extensions w/ Paddled Grip Tape
  • Stem Riser / Adjustable Stem (may need if touring w/ mt. bike)
  • Water Bottles+Cages and/or Hydration Pack (i.e. Camelbak )
  • LCD Cycle Computer (w/ new or extra battery)
  • LED Flashing Tail Light
  • LED Head Light (or use camping headlamp)
  • Mirror (mounted on handlebar / helmet)
  • Air Horn / Bell (i.e. Delta AirZound)
  • Multi-mount (i.e. Topeak BarXtender / Minora SpaceGrip)
  • Front + Rear Fenders
  • Bungie Cords / Webbing Straps (2-3)
  • Bike Lock (key/combo cable is sufficient; U-Locks=heavy/overkill)
  • Reflectors (or reflective safety vest or reflective clothes)
  • Dog / Bear Pepper Spray (attach to bike frame)
  • Bike Mojo (i.e. mascot/trinket on bike)—don’t ride without one!

Some of these things I never would have even thought of bringing with me, like a dog / bear spray which attaches to your bike frame. Honestly, I didn’t even know something like that existed.  It’s amazing all of things that you can get to mount right to your bike, which allows you to keep all of the weight right on your bike.

Rain covers definitely feels like a very important one, which I think you can pick up at most REI stores or EMS.  One of the worst things that could happen on a bike tour is all of your things and documents getting soaked, and having nothing warm to sleep in after a long day. You definitely need a great rain coat too, but I think that’s in another part of the list.

Being more of a road cyclist and city cyclist, I know the great importance of lights, and that importance only increases when you may be on your bike for hours in the dark and on roads that are likely not build for bikes, with low visibility.

Be sure to take all of this into consideration when planning your bike tour, and definitely go checkout the full list!  That list is an awesome place to start planning your trip.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The RBA team!

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