Bike Accessories: The Tool Roll

One of our all time favorite accessories is this awesome tool roll from Road Runner Bags. 

We call ourselves Road Bike Accessories for a reason, not just posting great photos from bike to work week, but also posting sweet things for your bike. 

This Photo is of a bike seat bag you can use to roll up all your necessary bike tools.  You can find this bag at 

How do you typically carry all of your things on a ride or during a race?  Do you use a seat bag, saddlebag or tool roll like this?

You can lock this up under your sadle and it won’t swing or shake in the ride, and it hooks up securely. This can be used by cyclists of all types.

Plus, it uses waterproof cordura fabric and nylon webbing to clip on strong.

During a week like this–bike to work week–this is just the type of thing you may need 🙂

Thanks for reading!

The RBA team

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